Michelle Still – Author, Illustrator and Artist

Hi! Welcome to my site. I am a children’s book author, illustrator and artist.

I have recently published my first book, What Can A Dino Do? which is available at Amazon in eBook and paperback format, What Can A Dino Do page for updates!

One of my other projects is Garden Tips Toons, mixing fun gardening tips that I’ve found with fun cartoon characters. Check out my Instagram @gardentipstoons

My artwork is an abstract extension of my creative side, using mainly watercolour and inks to create swirling natural shapes and vibes. Check out my art page for more information

What Can A Dino Do children's book front cover by Michelle Still
Abstract Art watercolour and ink floral painting by Michelle Still
Keep chilli plants warm for hot chilli garden tips toons by Michelle Still
Tomatoes 10000 varieties Garden Tips Toons by Michelle Still
Watercolour and ink abstract artwork by Michelle Still
What Can a Dino Do? Be a Punk illustration by Michelle Still